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Эскорт семьи астронавта
Узнала, что астронавты НАСА, не занятые во время миссии, исполняют ещё одну обязанность - эскорта родственников астронавтов, в миссии участвующих.
Из книги Майка Маллейна «Верхом на ракете. Возмутительные истории астронавта шаттла»:
"По правилам НАСА за месяц до полета супруги астронавтов должны выбрать себе эскорта — тот человек, который будет рядом с ними во время взлета ракеты, чтобы позаботиться о «свежей вдове» в случае взрыва. То есть моя супруга должна была выбрать человека, которого хочет видеть рядом с собой, если я погибну."
(с) snob.ru/selected/entry/126147

Astronauts’ families clearly have to give up a lot, and they clearly have a lot to lose. Before every launch, every astronaut appoints two “family escorts,” two astronauts not currently training for a mission to act as “surrogate spouses” during launch and beyond. One family escort takes care of extended family and friends at the launch, and another looks after the immediate family. While these escorts are mostly there to help manage some of the stress that comes along with launch day, there is always a more serious side to consider.

According to Chris Hadfield’s autobiography, “when you’re choosing a family escort, you don’t just consider which astronaut is most likely to be able to smile and nod when Aunt Ruby gets going on one of her political rants. Mostly, you think about which astronaut you’d want standing next to your spouse if your own rocket blew up, in which case the family escort would need to stand there for months or even years” . Astronauts have to think about this, because their jobs are dangerous. After the Columbia disaster, the family escorts stepped in to support the dead astronauts’ families not only at the funeral but also later by “helping to set up educational trust funds for the kids and advocating for the family during the accident investigation”.

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